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Oil and Gas

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We Know What’s Important to You

The oil and gas industry is a vital part of the economic base in the State of Texas. It is important to have a legal team that can provide you with the assistance you need to meet the complex issues related to the energy industry whether it is analyzing and reviewing contracts, negotiating oil and gas leases, preparation of Operating Agreements, Farm-in Agreements or Farm-out Agreements, producing properties Purchase and Sale Agreements or review of title and governmental regulatory matters.

We Can Help You Avoid Common Mistakes

At James & Parlange law, PLLC, we have over 30 years of experience assisting clients to make wise decisions regarding mineral and surface rights and other energy related agreements. We take the time to understand the needs of our clients and craft solutions that will best secure the results you desire.

We are well aware of the issues that the energy industry faces. We believe we can help you develop strategies to minimize risks and avoid costly litigation and if litigation does ensue then we are here to guide through the legal hurdles.


Our Unmatched Approach Brings Results

At James & Parlange Law, PLLC, we have numerous contacts within the oil and gas industry and are well equipped to represent you on all your oil and gas matters. We perform our work with integrity and diligence and our focus is on serving you.

Let us Take Action on Your Behalf

We can help you with legal needs including but not limited to the matters:

Leases: Drafting, Negotiation, Evaluation, and Review to Mitigate Risks

· Oil and gas leases

· Subsurface Agreements

· Surface Use Agreements

· Pipeline Easements

· Right of Way Agreements

· Water Use Agreements

· Production Sharing Agreements

· Purchase and Sale Agreements

· Confidentiality Agreements

· Non-Disclosure Agreements

· Non-Compete Agreements

Contracts and Agreements

· Operating agreements

· Master Service agreements

· Production agreements in preparation for oil and gas gathering, transportation, shipping, treating, processing, and production handling

· Production Sharing Agreements

· Equipment sales and rental agreements

· Seismic licenses

· Drilling contracts

· Participation Agreements

· Pooling and unitization agreements

· Farm-in and Farm-out agreements

· Site access agreements

· Working Interest Owner Agreements

· Property Exchange Agreements

· Data Exchange Agreements

· Assignments

Oil and Gas Transactions

· Title examination

· Quiet title of mineral and surface interests

· Lien and security issues


· Commercial and energy disputes

· Condemnation/Eminent domain proceedings

· Breach of Oil and Gas Lease

· Claims for failure to develop mineral interests

· Contract disputes

· Payment and calculation of royalties


· Risk mitigation including indemnity and insurance issues

· Environmental assessments

· Regulatory review

Let’s Talk More About Your Concerns And Goals

Call our law firm at 281-407-6922 or reach us online through our contact form. We will do everything we can to bring you competent results in all your matters, whether it’s estate planning and probate, family law, business law, real estate, oil and gas, lawsuits, or personal injury.