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Decisively Leading You Through Complex Cases

Becoming involved in a lawsuit is a traumatic event, regardless of which side you find yourself. A lawsuit affects significantly more than just your finances. Having a trustworthy trial attorney who can guide and lead you through this time-consuming and emotionally draining experience with his or her ability to form an effective strategy uniquely tailored to your case is essential, Thorough and detailed preparation with regard to all possibly relevant issues surrounding your case, and confidence in the ability to make sound decisions expeditiously to drive the proceedings in your favor at trial is critical to the success of your case.

Innovative Strategies for Effective Advocacy

At James & Parlange Law, PLLC, we have integrity and credibility with diverse experience in areas ranging from family law to business law. With our courtroom experience and client focus, we will provide you with excellent representation in handling your legal matters. We build relationships with all parties involved from the judge, jury, and opposing counsel to best promote your case while at the same time being a vigorous advocate for your cause.

We handle your legal matters including:

· Business and Commercial Litigation

Breach of contracts or agreements, commercial and residential real estate, construction defects, partnership disputes

· Real Estate Litigation

Title, construction, liens, wrongful foreclosure,

deed restrictions, and other disputes

· Family Law Litigation

Divorce, custody, possession and access, child support

Oil and Gas Litigation

Energy litigation

Condemnation/eminent domain proceedings

Breach of oil and gas leases, disputes related to oil and gas contracts including data licensing agreements, operating agreement, farm-in and farm-out agreements, property exchange agreements

· Personal Injury

Wrongful death, products liability, premise liability, injuries, accidents

· Private Actions

· Trust and Estate Litigation

With years of trial experience and a reputation for integrity, we know how to effectively present your case. We give you the personal attention you deserve to help you recover, whether through settlement negotiation, mediation, or at trial.

Let’s Talk More About Your Concerns And Goals

Call our law firm at 281-358-8836 or reach us online through our contact form. We will do everything we can to bring you competent results in all your matters, whether it’s estate planning and probate, family law, business law, real estate, oil and gas, lawsuits, or personal injury.